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If you’re as mad about self-publishing as I am you should find something of interest in these pages. Over the last two decades I have perfected a simple method of cold-binding paperback books for only a few cents per book. It’s pretty simple but turns out very sturdy, good-looking books with bindings that will last.

I have bound about 23,000 books with this process, including a dozen of my own material and many of lasting interest from other authors. Many are still available or can be easily reprinted in small quantities. The process is ideal for people who want just a few dozen but some ColCom titles have run to several hundred copies.

Bev and I also write and present Murder Mystery Dinners and have done a great deal of consultancy work in Local Shared Ministry in the style we pioneered in 1991. And, we are  in an ongoing journey with prostate cancer.

Dave Mullan