Family History


Family History

In retirement, Dave has done a lot of work on the stories of the families of his parents. There are two books celebrating his motherís family, the Attwoods who began to arrive in New Zealand in 1907. We also have accumulated large archival materials on the Stewarts and Mullans who were his fatherís antecedents. Another book is in the pipeline on the New Zealand part of the Stewart story.

There are large detailed databases of incidental information, collections of printed materials and other data. A photographic index to much of the archive is being put together for easy distribution on disk.

Given our age and probable decline in Daveís health, we are planning to relocate all this material to individuals who can continue to offer ready access to it. We will post details on this site when this takes place.

Meanwhile, such material as is readily distributable is listed here and we are happy to do what we can to share it with anyone interested. Enquire.

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