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In and Out of Sync – the Book

For anyone in ministry in the decades from 1960 it was never going to be an easy ride. But for those who stayed the course during that period there was the privilege of engagement in one of the most remarkably turbulent periods the Methodist Church of New Zealand ever experienced.

Written around the segments of life created by his appointments in the Methodist Church, Dave’s book offers some comprehensive sketches of his professional and family life.

Well, that’s what the cover blurb says, anyway. What it doesn’t say is that the book originally was published in 550 pages and turned out to be as heavy as two bricks. The saleable version is 220 pages and omits a lot of detail that would be of interest only to family members. It also deals rather more lightly with some of the details of what Dave perceived to be happening in the institutional church in his time.

It doesn’t tell where the bodies are buried, for instance. If you want to know that you’ll have to persuade a member of the family that you should borrow a copy of “In and Out of Sync – Notes for a Book”.

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