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Make your own paperbacks

A few years ago, when I was inundated with request to do short runs of paperbacks, I retired a second time and produced an A6 pocket book with full description of my system.

There’s nothing especially original in it, except that it solves the problems of paper that will not stay bound properly because it has curled in the copying process; and how to separate a bunch of book sets you have successfully bound together, without damaging them.

You might need to spend a few dollars on equipment and you will need access to a friendly jobbing printer to trim your finished product. But it’s all dead easy if you are reasonably good with your hands.

I have sold nearly 300 copies of my system in fourteen countries, together with permission to use the system for private or business purposes.

Order The “Perfect” Solution

I register every purchaser so the book is not available in stores, only to intending users of the system.  I can accept personal cheques in any currency in the world and will airmail the book by return for $NZ40 or equivalent in your currency.   


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