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Murder Mystery Dinners

In retirement I became involved with Paihia Players and we were asked to provide “suspects” for a murder mystery crafted by “Inspector” Jack Pachuta of

It was such a great evening that I wrote a show for the social evening of the Forum of the Uniting Congregations of Aotearoa New Zealand in 2007. The setting was a small town arguing about merging three denominational churches. It was a great success and we have been asked present it on over twenty occasions all round the country.

Last year I wrote a show set in a maritime community – which some recognised as Paihia – funny that!. In 2011 I am working on one for the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra.

The format has just the right mixture of competion and fun and a good meal. These events continue to be very  popular as well as very good fund-raisers for 40 to over 100 participants.

Death by Cooperation is now available as a DIY kitset

Death in the Bay and Death in the Gardens could also be made available in DIY form if there is interest. Details.